Senior Vice Chairman Message

All Punjab Gem Merchants & Jewellers Association has been established on the Registered Jewellers Association with Ministry of Commerce Government of Pakistan. It has been working as a facilitator to various tasks related to Gem and jewellery sector as well as handling the emerging problems in contemporary situation by unity. Our aim is to improve and promote the exclusive sector of gems and jewellery across the world by showcasing its essence and importance. It is our pride that the foreign delegates/businessmen showed their keen interest in our Gemstones/Jewellery. Gold has been much in trend in our jewellery industry. And this thing made us prominent in the eyes of the Western world. Our Association unites manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and exporters all over Pakistan for a common interest. Our objective is promote the gems and jewellery sector of Pakistan with an objective to bring prosperity and growth in this sector and generate the revenue for Pakistan via Trade/Export.


Rasheed Ray